Intellectual Property

Your creations belong to you as soon as they are "fixed in a tangible medium." Similarly, trademark rights are procured by the use of the trademark in commerce. However, to protect your copyrights and trademarks, there are actions that you can and should take to improve or perfect your rights. At Lowe & Associates, we can help you navigate this complex legal field. Our copyright and trademark attorneys approach this area of law strategically and comprehensively to ensure your rights are upheld and protected.

We help clients whether you are a startup company, a well-established corporation, an entrepreneur or in the entertainment, art, or fashion industries, including, but not limited to:

  • performers,
  • producers,
  • artists,
  • photographers,
  • directors,
  • screenwriters,
  • songwriters,
  • publishers, and
  • more.

Contact Lowe & Associates to learn more about our process and method. We act proactively and tenaciously to address all levels of complex intellectual property matters. Our clients have been with us for years. They trust us because we deliver quality legal representation as much as we provide comprehensive and thoughtful legal advice. We can do the same for you.

Protecting your Intellectual Property through Registration

If you are what we call a "creative professional", you want to maximize protection for your intellectual property. Also, if you are in business and have proprietary information or are developing or maintaining your brand, you want to have it protected. Protection begins with registration with the appropriate entity. We help our clients prepare documents and file the same with:

  • The United States Copyright Office for copyrights; or
  • The United States Patent & Trademark Office for trademarks.

We do not do patent law. However, the need for protecting your creative works, proprietary information, and brand is always of prime importance as intellectual property is often more valuable than tangible property. The internet has made it easier for creative works and proprietary information to be misappropriated. Generally speaking, registration of copyrights and trademarks ( as well as multiple other preemptive measures) improves your position when fighting this kind of theft, albeit not foolproof.

Even then, after you register, people may still infringe upon your intellectual property rights. Retaining a law firm that can handle both the protection and enforcement side of the process in case there is any infringement can be critical for many creative professionals.

Pursuing Infringement of Intellectual Property through the Courts

If your intellectual property, like trademarks or copyrights, has been infringed upon, Lowe & Associates will aggressively but strategically seek redress for the same. We may first pursue a settlement via negotiation, mediation, or arbitration proceedings.

But in many instances, we have to litigate directly and seek monetary and declaratory judgments against the appropriate persons or entities.

Contact Smart, Strategic Intellectual Property Lawyers in Los Angeles County Today

There is a lot that goes into properly protecting your IP. There is much more that goes into enforcing your rights including pursuing infringers of trademarks or copyrights.

At Lowe & Associates, we offer aggressive but strategic representation after exploring all creative solutions. Your work is your work. Your ideas are your ideas. Your brand is your brand. Keep it that way. Contact Lowe & Associates today.