Wisconsin Residents: Do This to Make Sure Your Vote Counts


Vote early and use dropbox. Instructions below.

With the Presidential General Election rapidly approaching, every Wisconsin voter should have a plan to vote. Developing a plan to vote increases the likelihood that your ballot will be counted. While this firm cannot and is not providing legal advice, we do offer the following information for Wisconsin residents.


In the midst of a pandemic, voting at the polls may not be a viable option for many Wisconsinites. Fortunately, the state of Wisconsin offers alternative ways for its residents to cast their vote. The state will mail all registered voters an application to vote absentee. Upon completing and returning the application, Wisconsin voters will receive an absentee ballot. The absentee ballot will be mailed to the registered voter’s confirmed address and can be returned by mail. Alternatively, the ballot can be returned in person at any vote-by-mail drop box location. If you do not receive your vote-by-mail ballot before October 23Td, contact your county elections official to receive a second ballot. Wisconsin voters can visit https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/VoteAbsentee to request an absentee ballot.

As an alternative to voting in person, Wisconsin Election Officials have implemented an accessible, transparent, and convenient program for voters to drop off their mail ballot in a secure drop box. Voters can complete their ballot at home and deposit them into one of the several hundred drop boxes dispersed throughout the state of Wisconsin. Early voting begins on October 20, 2020. Before dropping your ballot off in a drop box, be sure to place your voted ballot card inside the Official Return Envelope, seal the envelope, and sign and date the back of the envelope. The ballots will than be collected by election officials from the drop boxes.

Wisconsin’s two largest cities—Milwaukee and Madison—will have fourteen and fifteen ballot drop boxes respectively. In both of these cities, the day after the voter casts their ballot, they will be able to view an online portal to confirm their ballots were received. Voters can visit their local government website to find the drop box nearest to them. The Wisconsin Elections Committee provides more information on the ballot drop boxes in the slate at State of Wisconsin  \ Elections Board.

With the coming election being one of the most important in our nation’s history, developing a plan to exercise your right to vote is essential. Utilizing the ballot drop boxes ensures the integrity of our democracy by protecting your vote.